Unpaid Wages and What Can Be Done

It’s one of those things that has happened to a lot of us, that moment when you’ve gone to pay for something only to have your card rejected, or you’ve visited a cash machine to have your request refused. Sometimes this is our own fault, we’ve miscalculated what we have or forgotten about a particular bill, or said bill has been for more than was expected (anyone who has ever gone over their mobile data allowance will know this feeling). These things happen and they have to be dealt with.

However, it’s a different matter when you check your balance expecting to see your wages but instead, you see that they haven’t gone in. It is deeply worrying when you check your bank balance after payday and see an entire week/month wages have not been paid into your account. It is a difficult situation to be in, and it can be hard to know how to approach, or what your rights are.

This article will discuss the best way to handle such a situation under English Employment Law.

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Do You have a Viable Slip/Trip Claim?

If you’ve decided to bring a Personal injury claim in the UK for a fall that you have suffered, then you a should be strongly considering if your claim will be successful. You do not want to go to the time and possible expense of perusing a claim that has low prospects of success.

Prospects of success can be a difficult thing to predict, even for experienced professionals and sometimes prospects can change whilst a claim is ongoing. You should never assume that just because you’ve had a fall you automatically have a claim. There are several elements that must be in place for a claim to be successful at Court.

One of the most common myths about bringing a claim is that you can claim for an accident. No, you cannot, and while this may just be semantics, I feel that it needs saying. A genuine accident is not something that you can claim for, you can only bring a claim when you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence. Negligence being an act or omission that falls short of the standard expected of a reasonable man. Having a genuine accident is not enough and anyone who tells you otherwise is mistaken or misleading you.

There are various ways you can get an estimate on your prospects of success at no financial cost to you. Many towns and cities have free advice clinics set up, though these are diminishing due to funding cuts. A lot of legal firms offer free initial consultations, these consultations are not always there to provide you with Free Advice but rather they exist as a way to assess the prospects of potential claims. Citizens Advice is a national operation which offers fee consultations with the general public on a variety of issues, check online to see if your local branch offer such a service or know a firm locally that will assess your claim at no cost.

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