It can be difficult to know where you stand when it comes to your employment rights when you do not have a physical paper contact to refer to. This article explains what your options are.

There may be occasions when you need to know your employment rights, for example when there is a problem at work: either you are having a problem with another staff member or policy, or the company is having an issue with you. In either situation you will need to know your rights.

Once of the first places you should always look for your employment rights is your employment contract. However, there may be occasions when you are employed by an employer without having a written contract.

Firstly, you and your employer are not doing anything wrong by you not having a written contract. Sometimes an employer chooses not to provide an employee with a written contract. Other times, it can be one of the jobs that get put off and put off and put off and never actually gets finished.

Usually, you can work just fine without a written contract. But it may become a concern if you start having problems at work. It can be difficult to know what your rights are concerning pay, holiday and sick leave, grievances and disciplinary proceedings when there is no written contract to refer to.

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