5 Simple Ways to improve Relationships with your Cowrokers

Unless you are lucky enough to have won the genetic lottery and be born into money, or lucky enough to have won the actual lottery chances are, at some point in your life, you are going to have to get a job.

It is extremely likely that your job will involve working with other people, lighthouse keepers not included, and sometimes working with other people can be difficult. Building satisfying working relationships with your co-workers is a worthwhile investment. You will probably spend more time each week with your co-workers than your family and friends, so investing in these relationships is wise. This article will explain five simple practices you can undertake to improve and maintain good relationships with those you work with.

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How to Work Out How Much Compensation You Can Claim

One of the most important questions that you will ask yourself before bringing an employment claim is ‘will this be worth it?’

Worth is entirely subjective and can mean different things to different people, some people bring claims because they want to punish an employer who has treated them badly, others will bring a claim because they have not received their due from their employer, and some people will bring a claim to prevent bad treatment happening to others. Everyone is different and accomplishing these goals can make a claim ‘worth it’ too many people. Employment claims are usually driven by emotion and it is rare for anyone to bring a claim for the sole reason of receiving compensation.

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What Are Zero Hour Contracts

Zero Hour Contracts have been in the media a lot this year; there are a lot of opinions about them, some for and some against. Some politicians are trying to rally support by either supporting zero hour contracts or fighting against them.

But with such strong opinions regarding these type of contracts, it is sometimes difficult to separate opinion from fact. Like most things zero hour contracts are not entirely one-sided as some people claim they are. This article will explain clearly and concisely just what zero hour contracts are and how the benefit some employers and employees and how they can potentially harm some employers and employees.

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What Holiday Time Are You Entitled To?

When employed you can expect to be entitled to a certain amount of holiday. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what holiday you are legally entitled to. Perhaps you have not been provided with a written contract that lays this out clearly, or you suspect that the amount of holiday specified on a contract may be incorrect. Either way, this article will lay out clearly what holiday workers are entitled to take, depending on their employment position and hours worked.

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