Can a person with no legal background successfully bring a Slip/Trip Accident claim themselves?

Yes, You Can, By using  LawCat’s Custom Guides.

How to Win Your Slip/Trip Claim.

This guide will show you exactly what it takes to bring your claim your way!

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In How to Win Your Slip/Trip Claim, you will learn how to:

  • Successfully bring a Personal Injury Claim Yourself
  • Achieve the Amount of Compensation Your Claim is Worth
  • Keep Complete Control of Your Claim
  • Value your Injury Accurately
  • Easily Draft Letters and Forms

This completely updated edition of How to Win Your Slip/Trip Claim provides you with the tools to bring your claim your way.

What Will Be Covered By This Guide

  • What to Do Before Starting Your Claim
  • How to Fund your Claim
  • How to Start your Claim
  • What Happens if the Defendant Denies or Admits Liability
  • How to Value Your Claim
  • Everything You Need to Know about Medical Experts
  • How to Draft Witness Statements
  • Everything You Need To Know about Court Proceedings
  • Preparing Yourself for Your Trial
  • Enforcing Your Judgement
  • Appealing your Judgement

The Guide will also contain FREE Bonus Template Letters And Forms 

If you’re ready to take control of your claim, you need this book!


What You’ll Get

road traffic accident toolkit.pngComplete Control over your Claim

Problem: Bringing a claim, yourself can be a daunting prospect and it can easily feel like you’re going to lose control.

Solution: The Slip/Trip Claim Guide will walk you step-by-step through the process. With easy to navigate chapter guides you can easily find your way through the confusing world of Legal Claims.

Copy of road traffic accident toolkit.pngThe Amount of Compensation your Claim is Worth

Problem: Knowing and understanding how your injury is valued is key to successfully running your claim.

Solution: To achieve the right amount of compensation the Slip/Trip Claim Guide explains in detail how to put a monetary value on your pain, suffering and loss of amenity as well as what expenses you can recover.

Copy of Copy of road traffic accident toolkit.pngRetain your Compensation – Nothing Lost to Legal Fees

Problem: Currently those bringing a claim through a solicitor stand to lose up to 25% of their compensation in legal fees.

Solution: By bringing a claim yourself using The Slip/Trip Claim Guide you keep all of your compensation, losing not a single penny to legal fees. 

Copy of Copy of road traffic accident toolkit(1).pngNo Legal Jargon Just Clear Step by Step Instructions

Problem: Not understanding the legal professionals or procedures involved in your claim due to incomprehensible jargon.

Solution: The Slip/Trip Claim Guide is laid out in an easy to navigate chronological order, walking you step-by-step through the process of bringing your claim with no legal Jargon.