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These guides will show you exactly what it takes to bring your claim your way!

In the How to Win Series, you will learn how to:

Successfully bring a Claim Yourself
Achieve the Amount of Compensation Your Claim is Worth
Keep Complete Control of Your Claim
Value your Injury Accurately
Easily Draft Letters and Forms

These completely updated editions provide you with the tools to bring your claim your way.

What Will Be Covered By These Guides:-

What to Do Before Starting Your Claim
How to Fund your Claim
How to Start your Claim
What Happens if the Defendant Denies or Admits Liability
How to Value Your Claim
Everything You Need to Know about Medical Experts
How to Draft Witness Statements
Everything You Need To Know about Court Proceedings
Preparing Yourself for Your Trial
Enforcing Your Judgement
Appealing your Judgement

The Guides will also contain FREE Bonus Template Letters And Forms

If you’re ready to take control of your claim, you need these books!

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